Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon by Jamia


Description of Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon by Jamia:

Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon by Jamia – a remarkable herbal remedy meticulously crafted to address a range of skin-related concerns and blood impurities. This exquisite formulation combines the wisdom of traditional Unani medicine with the expertise of Jamia, renowned for its commitment to quality and natural healing.

  1. Acne: Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon offers a potent solution to combat acne, reducing inflammation, and promoting clearer, healthier skin. It works by purifying the blood and targeting the root cause of acne breakouts.
  2. Blood Impurities: This herbal concoction acts as a natural purifier, eliminating impurities from the blood, and promoting overall well-being. By detoxifying the bloodstream, it helps restore vitality and balance.
  3. Boils: The powerful herbal ingredients in Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon have proven efficacy in treating boils. It aids in the resolution of boils by purifying the blood, accelerating healing, and preventing further infection.
  4. Gonorrhoea: With its antimicrobial properties, this formula assists in alleviating the symptoms associated with gonorrhoea. It works by eliminating harmful microorganisms and supporting the body’s natural defense mechanisms.
  5. Itch: If you suffer from persistent itching, Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon can provide much-needed relief. Its soothing properties calm irritated skin, reducing itching, and providing a sense of comfort.
  6. Pimples: This herbal tonic effectively targets pimples by purifying the blood, regulating sebum production, and reducing inflammation. It aids in diminishing the appearance of pimples while preventing future breakouts.
  7. Syphilis: Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon has been traditionally used in the management of syphilis. It helps in combating the infection, promoting healing, and restoring the body’s equilibrium.

Take charge of your skin and overall well-being with Sharbat Murakkab Musaffi Khoon by Jamia – the natural solution for acne, blood impurities, boils, gonorrhoea, itch, pimples, and syphilis. Embrace the healing power of nature and unlock a healthier, more radiant you.


Acne, Blood Impurities, Boils, Gonorrhoea, Itch, Pimples and Syphilis


1 Tablespoon twice a day mixed with water.


 500 ml


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