Herbal Ointment by Hamdard


Description of Herbal Ointment by Hamdard:

Herbal Ointment by Hamdard is a natural remedy for various skin problems like whelks, bruises, burns, pimples, and sunburns. This ointment also helps with pain relief, cuts, wounds, and sprains. Herbal Ointment is effective for both internal and external piles, providing relief from burning sensations and helping to shrink the piles. It also aids in promoting smooth bowel movements. With its blend of natural ingredients, this herbal ointment is a trusted solution for skin issues and discomfort. Made by Hamdard, this ointment is a go-to product for quick and effective relief from skin ailments. Whether you have a minor cut or a stubborn pimple, Hamdard’s Herbal Ointment is a reliable option for healing and soothing your skin.

Indications of  Herbal Ointment by Hamdard:

  • Natural remedy for skin problems like whelks, bruises, burns, pimples, and sunburns
  • Provides pain relief for cuts, wounds, and sprains
  • Effective for internal and external piles, relieving burning sensations and shrinking piles
  • Aids in promoting smooth bowel movements
  • Contains natural ingredients for skin comfort and healing
  • Quick and effective relief for various skin ailments
  • Reliable option for healing and soothing skin issues

Usage: It is used by rubbing the affected area with the ointment or as directed by physician.

Size: 50 g.

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