Sharbat Faulad by Jamia



Introducing “Sharbat Faulad” – the ultimate solution for promoting healthy blood cell production, treating anaemia, restoring immunity, and reducing fatigue.

Sharbat Faulad is a meticulously crafted herbal formula designed to support your overall well-being by addressing key blood-related concerns. With its powerful blend of natural ingredients, this premium tonic offers a range of benefits that enhance your vitality and ensure optimal health.

One of the standout features of Sharbat Faulad is its ability to promote healthy blood cell production. By providing essential nutrients and minerals necessary for red blood cell synthesis, this revitalizing potion helps combat deficiencies and supports the body’s natural mechanisms for improving blood circulation.

If you’re struggling with anaemia, Sharbat Faulad comes to the rescue. Its unique composition helps replenish iron levels in the body, combating iron deficiency anaemia and restoring hemoglobin levels. This results in increased energy levels, improved oxygen transport, and a rejuvenated feeling of well-being.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sharbat Faulad also acts as a potent immunity booster, strengthening your body’s defences against infections and diseases. By supporting the immune system, this remarkable elixir safeguards your health and ensures you stay protected in today’s challenging times.

Finally, if you find yourself constantly battling fatigue and lack of energy, Sharbat Faulad can provide the much-needed boost you’ve been seeking. It combats tiredness and helps you maintain an active and vibrant lifestyle.

With its exceptional combination of health benefits, Sharbat Faulad is a must-have addition to your wellness routine. Experience renewed vitality, enhanced immunity, and improved blood health with this extraordinary herbal tonic. Take charge of your well-being and indulge in the goodness of Sharbat Faulad.


  • 500ml


1 tablespoon twice a day

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