Rexotone Vitamin Syrup


Description of Rexotone Vitamin Syrup:

The Rexotone Vitamin Syrup is a tonic that is known to induce the body with the essential vitamins which in turn boosts the immunity that we have. Consuming this tonic on a regular basis can improve the overall health of the body, and one can see a significant peak in the energy levels of the person consuming it.

Benefits of Rexotone Vitamin Syrup:

  • Boosts the immunity and the resistive power of the body
  • Prevents people from falling sick
  • Gives a dose of the essential vitamins in our body
  • Keeps our energy levels at the peak throughout the day

Ingredients of Rexotone Vitamin Syrup:

It is made out of various ayurvedic elements like various plant and flower extracts that naturally have essential vitamins in them.

Direction Of Using Rexotone Vitamin Syrup:

Use it twice daily for the best results. The ideal dosage is 10 ml twice every day with the help of milk. Consuming it in this way is going to enhance the medicinal aspects of this tonic and will greatly improve the overall functionality of the body.

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