Roghan Labub-E-Saba by Hamdard


Description of Roghan Labub-E-Saba by Hamdard:

Roghan Labub-E-Saba by Hamdard is a powerful herbal formulation designed to address various health issues. Roghan Labub-E-Saba is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic insomnia and frequent headaches. Hamdard Roghan Labub-E-Saba is also known to support brain health and serve as an excellent cerebral tonic. By eliminating dryness and providing strength to the brain, Roghan Labub-E-Saba helps improve cognitive function and induce better sleep. Made from natural ingredients, Roghan Labub-E-Saba by Hamdard is a safe and effective remedy for those looking to improve their overall well-being.

Indications of Roghan Labub-E-Saba by Hamdard:

  • Useful for insomnia
  • Helps relieve headaches
  • Supports brain health
  • Used for chronic insomnia
  • Acts as an excellent cerebral tonic
  • Gives strength to the brain
  • Eliminates dryness
  • Helps induce better sleep

Quantity: 50 ml.

Direction of Use: Apply Hamdard Roghan Labub-e-saba on your forehead and scalp and gently massage it for a few minutes before going to bed or as directed by the physician.

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