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Introducing “Majoon Jograj Gugal” – Your Natural Remedy for Nervine Disorders and More!

Discover the power of ancient herbal wisdom with Majoon Jograj Gugal, a time-tested formulation designed to address a range of nerve-related ailments. Crafted from a blend of meticulously selected herbs, this Majoon (herbal jam) offers a holistic approach to tackle various neurological and musculoskeletal issues.

Key Benefits:

  • Nervine Disorders: Experience relief from facial paralysis, paralysis affecting one side of the body, and jerky involuntary movements, particularly targeting the shoulders, hips, and face.
  • Gout & Sciatica Relief: Majoon Jograj Gugal helps alleviate the discomfort associated with gout and sciatica, promoting improved mobility and flexibility.
  • Rheumatic Disorders & Arthritis Support: Find comfort from joint pain and inflammation caused by rheumatic disorders and arthritis, allowing you to regain your active lifestyle.
  • Syphilis Management: The potent herbal ingredients in this formulation aid in addressing symptoms related to syphilis, fostering overall well-being.

Embrace the natural healing properties of Majoon Jograj Gugal without the worry of harmful side effects. Experience the harmony of traditional wisdom and modern research, providing you with a safe and effective solution for various health challenges.


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  • 125g


Half teaspoon to be taken in the morning and evenings or as advised by your physician


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