Lookman-E-Hayat Tel


Description of Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:

Lookman-E-Hayat Tel is another product by herbal cure which has been one of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies available in the market. It’s like an all in one package of solutions for different types of injuries or disorders. Lookman-E-Hayat Tel provides relief from pain and is harmless to the skin with no side effects. Use it, and you’ll know how great this oil is. It’s very effective and is unique in the market.

It comes in 100 ml bottles.

Benefits of Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:

  • It can be applied to burns, cuts and other injuries to gain instant relief.
  • You can even apply it to the burn marks in order to remove those scars.
  • In case of swelling and other physical complications, this oil has been extremely effective for a lot of people.
  • It’s a life savior for so many victims who have been suffering from various types of pain or other serious injuries.


Ingredients of Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:

Selected natural ingredients have been chosen to make this oil, the ones with excellent anti-inflammatory activities in order to heal the wounds.

Directions of Using Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:

Apply at the wound or the area of pain and massage the region slowly.

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200ml, 100ml, 50ml


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