L164 Sciatica Drops by Lords



L164 Sciatica Drops: Experience Natural Relief for Leg and Back Pain

Discover the power of homeopathic healing with L164 Sciatica Drops, a meticulously crafted formulation designed to alleviate discomfort in the legs and back. Specially formulated to target the distressing symptoms of sciatica, these drops offer a holistic approach to pain management. By effectively addressing tingling, numbness, and pain associated with sciatica, this remedy not only soothes immediate discomfort but also promotes long-term wellness.

L164 Sciatica Drops go beyond temporary relief. They work to strengthen both muscles and the skeletal system, fostering improved resilience and overall vitality. Embrace the natural path to wellness with L164 Sciatica Drops and experience the freedom of movement without the burden of pain.”


  • Arsenicum Alb
  • Gnaphalium Poly
  • Megnesium Phos
  • Aconite Nap
  • Colocynthis


  • 30ml


  • 10–15 drops in a little water to be taken 3 times daily or as advised by your physician


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