Halwa Gheekwar by Cure


Halwa Gheekwar is useful in many types of body pains and aches including rheumatic pains and lumbago and has a track record of very successful results. This medicine is very popular around the world and lives up to its excellent reputation. Halwa Gheekwar has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces joint swelling. It is also useful in arthritis and its active ingredients improve blood circulation and ease the aching caused due to arthritis. It controls sciatica disease to an extent.

Indications of Hamdard Halwa Gheekwar:

  • Useful in arthritis and pain due to arthritis
  • Reduce inflammation in joints
  • Control sciatica disease
  • Reduce pain in the lumbar region
  • Weakness, Constipation, and digestion

Dosage: 10-20 grams to be taken with 250 ml of milk

Size: 250 grams

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