Himalaya Liv-52 Tablets


Description of Himalaya Liv.52 Tablets:

Liv 52 Tablets are a herbal supplement that claims to provide various benefits for liver health. Some of the potential advantages of Liv 52 Tablets include detoxifying the liver by eliminating toxins and harmful substances from the body, protecting liver cells against damage caused by toxins, alcohol, medications, and certain diseases, improving liver function by assisting in the production of enzymes and enhancing metabolic processes, boosting digestion, alleviating symptoms of indigestion, and improving nutrient absorption. Liv 52 is also believed to support liver regeneration by aiding in the growth of liver tissue and promoting the regeneration of liver cells. Liv 52 Tablets also aid with reducing fatty liver. Furthermore, it contains natural antioxidants that may help in reducing oxidative stress and safeguarding liver cells.

Indications of Himalaya Liv.52 Tablets:

  • Liver detoxification
  • Liver protection
  • Liver function support
  • Digestive health improvement
  • Liver regeneration support
  • Fatty Liver


100 Tablets

Direction of use:

1–2 tablets in the morning and evening or as advised by physician

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