Habbe Kabid Naushadari by Cure



Habbe Kabid Naushadari is a natural herbal remedy crafted to provide comprehensive care for individuals dealing with liver-related issues. This remarkable formulation is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, and liver enlargement.

The potent ingredients of Habbe Kabid Naushadari work synergistically to support liver function and aid in the restoration of liver health. By enhancing digestion and increasing appetite, this herbal supplement assists in the management of indigestion and flatulence, providing much-needed relief.

Moreover, Habbe Kabid Naushadari boasts mild laxative properties, helping to regulate bowel movements and maintain healthy digestion. With regular use, it contributes to a healthier and more efficient digestive system.


  • 100 Tablets


2 tablets to be taken after main meals

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