Liv 52 Ds Syrup by Himalaya


Description of Liv 52 Ds Syrup by Himalaya:

Liv 52 DS Syrup by Himalaya is a trusted solution for liver health. This syrup helps digestion, supports appetite, and aids weight management. It’s made to relieve liver issues and improve its function. Whether you need better digestion, more appetite, weight control, or liver support, Liv 52 DS Syrup can help. It’s crafted from natural ingredients known for their healing powers, providing overall wellness support. Choose this reliable syrup from Himalaya for a healthier liver and digestion. Ideal for those wanting a natural way to stay healthy.

Indications of Liv 52 Ds Syrup by Himalaya:

  • Supports the liver’s overall function and health.
  • Helps in better digestion and increases appetite naturally.
  • Assists in managing weight effectively.
  • Provides relief from various liver-related issues and promotes liver health.

Size: 200ml

Dosage: The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon (twice a day) for adults and 1/2 a teaspoon (twice a day) for children. You can drink water immediately after taking the syrup.

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