Habbe Bawaseer Badi by Jamia


Description of Habbe Bawaseer Badi by Jamia:

Habbe Bawaseer Badi by Jamia – the trusted solution for managing the discomfort and symptoms associated with piles. Designed to provide relief from flatulent piles, constipation, itching, and the pain often experienced with this condition, Habbe Bawaseer Badi is a herbal formulation that aims to alleviate your discomfort and promote overall well-being.

Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, can be a distressing condition that affects many individuals. The symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain, causing significant inconvenience in daily life. With Habbe Bawaseer Badi, Jamia offers a natural and effective remedy to address these concerns.

This unique formulation is made using a blend of traditional herbs and ingredients known for their therapeutic properties. These carefully selected botanicals work synergistically to provide relief from flatulent piles. They help alleviate bloating, gas, and swelling associated with this condition, allowing you to experience increased comfort.

One of the common issues faced by individuals with piles is constipation, which can exacerbate the symptoms. Habbe Bawaseer Badi includes ingredients that possess mild laxative properties, aiding in maintaining regular bowel movements. By promoting healthy digestion, it helps alleviate constipation, reducing the strain during bowel movements and consequently minimizing discomfort.

Itching is another bothersome symptom experienced by individuals with piles. The herbal blend in Habbe Bawaseer Badi is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps relieve itching and irritation, allowing you to experience a greater sense of relief and comfort.

If you are seeking a reliable and natural approach to alleviate flatulent piles, constipation, itching, and pain associated with piles, Habbe Bawaseer Badi by Jamia is the perfect choice. Experience relief and regain your comfort with this herbal formulation that has been trusted by many individuals facing the challenges of piles.


Flatulent piles, Constipation, Itching, Relieves pain associated with piles


2 tablets to be taken once in the morning with lukewarm water.


50 Tablets

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