Himalaya Pilex Pills



Introducing Pilex Tablets – Your Ultimate Solution for Piles

Say goodbye to the discomfort and distress caused by piles with Pilex Tablets. Our innovative formula is designed to provide comprehensive relief from piles, offering a powerful three-fold action that effectively targets the root causes of this common ailment.

  1. Shrinks Pile Mass: Pilex Tablets are specially formulated to reduce the size of pile masses, providing quick relief from the swelling and discomfort associated with piles. Our unique blend of ingredients works synergistically to help shrink the piles, promoting comfort and ease.
  2. Controls Bleeding: No more worrying about embarrassing and uncomfortable bleeding. Pilex Tablets are equipped to control bleeding associated with piles, bringing you the peace of mind you deserve. The powerful constituents in our tablets help stop bleeding and promote faster healing.
  3. Heals Inflamed Skin and Mucus Membrane: Piles can lead to inflamed skin and mucus membrane, causing further distress. Pilex Tablets contain potent healing agents that soothe and repair the affected areas, promoting overall wellness and alleviating irritation.


  • Balsamodendron mukul
  • Melia azadirachta
  • Berberis aristata
  • Emblica officinalis
  • Terminalia chebula
  • Terminalia belerica
  • Cassia fistula
  • Bauhinia varicgata
  • Mesua ferrea


  • 60 Tablets


1–2 tablets to be taken twice daily or as advised by your physician

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