Habbe Bawaseer Badi by Hamdard



“Habbe Bawaseer Badi” is an Unani medicine used for the treatment of hemorrhoids (also known as piles). The term “Habbe” means a tablet or pill, and “Bawaseer Badi” refers to large piles.

Habbe Bawaseer Badi has various benefits for treating piles. Some of these benefits may include:

Reducing inflammation and pain in the affected area.
Shrinking the size of piles and promoting healing.
Relieving constipation and improving bowel movements.
Strengthening the walls of veins and reducing the risk of further hemorrhoids.
Regulating blood flow and preventing the formation of blood clots.


Rasaut (Berberis aristata)
Maghz Tukhme Bakain (Melia Azedarsch)
Maghz Tukhme Neem Azadiracht)
Gond Keekar (Acacia Arabica)

Size: 50 Tablet

Direction of use:

1–2 tablets twice daily or as advised by physician

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