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Description of Gout Care

Gout Care tablets are made to ease the pain and swelling caused by gout, a common type of arthritis. It can happen to anyone and usually affects the big toe, causing sudden and severe discomfort. These tablets contain ingredients that help reduce inflammation, providing relief from the symptoms of gout attacks. Taking Gout Care regularly not only helps with immediate relief but also supports the overall health of your joints in the long run. It’s a simple way to manage gout and improve comfort and movement.

Indications of Gout Care

  • Relieves sudden, severe pain from gout attacks.
  • Reduces swelling, especially in the big toe.
  • Eases tenderness during gout episodes.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory agents for inflammation relief.
  • Supports long-term joint health.
  • Improves joint mobility for enhanced comfort.
  • May act preventively to reduce gout frequency.


  • Guduchi
  • Vasa
  • Haridra
  • Triphala
  • Sunthee
  • Mukul Powder


  • 1–2 tablets to be taken in the morning and evening or as prescribed by your physician

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