Victor Prash Immunity Booster



Victor Prash is an excellent source of vitamin C and is beneficial to;

  1. Boosts immunity by providing a rich source of vitamin C.
  2. Improves food absorption by balancing stomach acids.
  3. Strengthens the liver’s health and function.
  4. Promotes heart health and wellness.
  5. Supports healthy skin and overall well-being.
  6. May enhance fertility and reproductive health.
  7. Helps fortify the lungs and promote respiratory health.


Each 10 gm Contains: Aamla Emblica officnalis Fruit 750mg Jal Brahmi Bacapo monnieri Whole Plant 120mg Khulanjan Alpinia galangal Rhizome 100mg Adark Zingiber offinale Rhizome 100mg Anar Shireen Punica granatum Fruit 250mg Gul-e-Surkh Rosa centifolia Flower 120mg Mastagi Pistacia lentiscus Secretion 120mg Akhrot Juglans regia Fruit kennel 200mg Badam Shireen Prunus anygdalus Seed 150mg Maghze Pista Pistacia vera Seed 150mg Khajoor Phoenix dactylifera Fruit 750mg Araq-e-keora Pandamus odoratissmus Araq q.s. Zafran Crocus sativus Style & Stigma 20mg Qand Safaid Saccharum Crystals 7.5g Turanj Citric Acid Crystals 10mg Preservative Sodium Benzonate Powder 10mg Water


  • 500g


1 Tablespoon daily with water or milk

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