V-Trib by Victor Pharma


Description of V-Trib by Victor Pharma:

V-Trib by Victor Pharma is a supplement made with the powerful herb Tribulus Terrestris to help enhance male performance. Designed to elevate your natural testosterone levels, V-Trib is specially formulated to boost stamina, increase sexual power, and contribute to overall muscle gain. With regular use, V-Trib users have reported improved energy levels, increased endurance, and enhanced muscle gain, helping them achieve their fitness goals. Our premium formulation contains no harmful chemicals or additives, ensuring a safe and natural experience for those seeking a high-quality testosterone booster.

Indications of V-Trib by Victor Pharma:

  • Enhance the performance of males.
  • Boost the testosterone level.
  • Increase the sexual power.
  • Increase muscle gain.

Direction of use:

2 Capsules Daily.

Size: 100 Capsules

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