Shilajit Uses and Benefits

The age-old treatment of ailments with Herbs is gaining popularity day by day as the remedies are free from harmful chemicals. There is no deniel that Herbs have many solutions to not only treat people of their ailments, but it is particularly beneficial for boosting immunity, energy as well as vitality. Many herbal remedies can increase energy levels, but the list is always topped by none other than Shilajit.

Although the primary function of Shilajit is to boost up the energy levels and increase vitality, and effective remedy for bone diseases, it is widely used by men to increase their sexual drive and fertility. However, one should keep in mind that every herbal energy booster helps to improve the overall vitality, and the net result is experienced in overall health. However, before consuming herbal supplements made from Shilajit, one should know all the details about it.

Shilajit - An Energy Booster for everybody and rejuvenate health

What is Shilajit

The Himalayas border the northern boundary of India. It is the primary source of collecting the wonder potion of salajeet. It is known to all that many plants and herbs and other organic materials lie trapped in the rocks of the Himalayas for thousands of years.

At times, during the summer, these deposits ooze out from the cracks in the rocks and are collected to make herbal medicines.

It may be mentioned here that Shilajit is not a product that can be cultivated, but the only source is from the depositions in the rocks of the Himalayas and some other mountainous parts of the world due to the natural change of the topography and environment. It is mainly found in the Indian & Nepalese parts of the Himalayas, and it is one of the reasons for inclusion in Herbs, the olden days’ Indian treatment of ailments with herbs and minerals.

In the northern part of India, it is also known as mimie, shilajatu, salajatu or mummiyo. The majority of this substance is found in the regions of the Himalayas lying between India and Nepal. Some amount of Shilajit is also found in Tibet, Afghanistan, and Russia. Recently, the substance is also discovered in the northern part of Chile, and known as the Andean Shilajit.

Properties of Shilajit

With the gradual decomposition of the plants by many microorganisms in the Himalayas, Shilajit is formed for thousands of years. It is a natural Phytocomplex mainly containing humic substances that include approximately 60 to 80% of fulvic acid. It also includes oligo-elements that include selenium having anti-aging properties. When the organic materials that are primarily vegetations are decomposed by microorganisms, humic acid, fulvic acids, and humin are formed. These are soluble in water at various PH levels except the humin which are insoluble.

With the growing interest of scientists in Herbs and people across the globe trying this alternative natural method of treatment, research has begun about it. Researchers have found that Shilajit also contains some amount of fatty acids, albumins, sterols, gums, resins, latex, amino acids, and many more organic components. The molecular composition and the quality of the product vary widely, and it is dependent on the region, where it is found. However, the latest studies throw light that Shilajit contains polysaccharides and lignins in its molecule.

Uses of shilajit

The herbal therapy of Rasayana is none other than health rejuvenation therapy. It increases the body’s vitality with the micro as well as macrocellular levels ad Shilajit is one of the major components used in this method of treatment. Traditionally, Shilajit is used to increase the life span of an individual, retard the aging process, improve cognitive disorders, increase memory power, give relief to Alzheimer’s disease, increase fertility and potency in men, and many more.

It is also used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, kidney stones, epilepsy, anemia, jaundice, digestive disorders, chronic bronchitis, enlarged spleen, and many other ailments. It has also got anti-allergic, antifungal, analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Shilajit is one of the most popular natural extracts that can be used in combination with other drugs to enhance the healing process of any of the above ailments.

Shilajit benefits

We have already broadly discussed the use of Shilajit for the cure of various ailments or to make the body strong, revitalized, and energetic. It is time to address some of the benefits in detail so that one can have an idea of the potential of this wonder herbal solution.

Help Treating CFS or Chronic fatigue syndrome:

CFS is common among many people. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome leads to extreme tiredness and fatigue. People suffering from this ailment have low energy levels, and many activities in life can be challenging according to age. It is known that the cause of CFS is mitochondrial dysfunction and condition when the cells in the body do not produce enough energy. The effect of CFS is considerably reduced by taking shilajit in the recommended dose. It helps boosts the mitochondrial activity of the body and enhances the energy levels to a much extent.

Shilajit may have anti-aging properties:

With a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property due to the presence of fulvic acid, Shilajit may retard the process of aging symptoms in the body. It helps to protect cellular damage and against free radicals. Thus, Shilajit or its supplements help to have overall better health, slowing the aging process and increasing longevity.

May help Increase testosterone levels:

Many men suffer from low testosterone level disorders that may lead to having a low sex drive, increased body fat, hair loss, fatigue, or loss of mass in the muscles. Studies have shown that taking Shilajit continuously for 3 months can significantly increase the testosterone levels in the body. Thus a man can be manlier and have more vigor taking Shilajit in the recommended dose as advised by an herbal professional.

Help Controls Alzheimer’s disease:

Since Shilajit is full of fulvic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant, cognitive disorders of the brain can be arrested, preventing the formation of tau protein. Alzheimer’s disease is related to memory problems, and it is progressive. Although tau protein is essential for brain development, too much accumulation can cause brain damage. Shilajit helps stop the abnormal build-up of this protein, and people suffering from this disease can live better lives.

Shilajit for Anemia:

Anemia caused due to iron deficiency can be cured by taking Shilajit in the recommended process. Symptoms like fatigue, irregular heartbeat, cold hand and feats, general weakness or headache, or looking pale are symptoms of low hemoglobin count in the blood. The deficiency of iron in the diet or inability of the body to absorb iron or sudden blood loss can cause anemia. Supplements of Shilajit can be consumed to get rid of the troubles by increasing iron levels.

May help reduce high altitude sickness:

Some people often suffer from high altitude sickness. They can feel lethargic, have body pain, and suffer from insomnia when staying at high altitudes. Again illnesses like pulmonary edema, dementia, or hypoxia can be experienced by many at high altitudes. The cause for these types of symptoms is due to low atmospheric pressure due to height, extreme wind velocity, or cold temperatures. Often it has been found that people living in the hills of the Himalayas including children and the Sherpa who are expert mountaineers take Shilajit to keep away the altitude sicknesses. With more than 84 minerals and fulvic acid, Shilajit works as a beautiful catalyst to stay fit at high altitudes.

It may help Fight the viruses:

Studies have shown that Shilajit can fight against many viruses that attack our bodies. It can even challenge the herpes virus that bothers many people across the globe. Using Shilajit after a virus attack can reduce the recovery time considerably, and thus it can be considered an antiviral agent.

Help Reduces weight:

Losing weight can reduce the risk of being affected by many diseases, including pulmonary disease. One can avoid conditions of diabetes, and chronic cardiac conditions by maintaining ideal body weight. Physical exercise can help to keep control or reduce body weight. However, it has been found that when Shilajit supplements are taken during the workouts, losing weight becomes easy. Not only that as one reduces the weight with exercise and Shilajit specific genes in the body also function better and build a proper skeletal frame and muscles, thus giving a perfect body shape.

Improves fertility:

One of the safe supplements for helping males with their semen and sperm counts when it comes to infertility. Studies have shown that the total sperm count of males may increases if the supplement of Shilajit is taken as per the recommended dose. The sperm motility can also increase considerably, and it helps to impregnate the female life partner.

It may help prevent cancer of the liver:

Although still under study, Shilajit is known to prevent liver cancer. The cancerous cells of the liver get destroyed with the use of this herbal extract. More reviews and research are going on worldwide before it is acknowledged as a remedy for cancer.

Shilajit side effects

Although Shilajit is a natural herbal remedy for many ailments, it should be consumed after consulting an herbal practitioner. One should not consume unprocessed or raw Shilajit as it may contain fungus, heavy metal radicals, and other natural contaminations that can make a person sicker. As it is herbal in nature, recommendations of the dosage for various ailments are quite challenging, and one should consume it under the strict guidance of an experienced herbal physician.

Again, many people purchase supplements over the counter without knowing the quality of the product. They consume it with milk.  People with lactose intolerance can fall sick by taking this herbal remedy without expert consultations. The usually recommended dose of the herb extract is within 500 mg per day, and anything above that can make you sick. However, herbal remedies are known to be the safest remedy for any ailments.

Frequently asked questions about Shilajit

Q. How do I take Shilajit?

Ans. Shilajit supplements are available in powder or liquid forms. One should take the dosage as recommended by an expert herbal practitioner. One can take the powder mixed with milk two or three times daily or as prescribed by the physician. If you are taking the liquid supplement, dissolve a pea-size portion in water or milk and drink it. The age-old recommended dose should not exceed 500 mg per day.

Q. What is the cost of Shilajit?

Ans. the cost of shilajit is per grams 1gram for £1, we usually do in 10 grams pack which is £10

Q. I am a woman. Can I take Shilajit?

Ans. Of course, being a woman, you can take Shilajit. It is a great energy booster and will help you to fight the daily chores of life and keep you fit as a fiddle. It can help you to fight some of the other ailments described above.

Q. Can my arthritis get cured with Shilajit?

Ans. Well, by now, you might know that there is no absolute cure for arthritis in any form of medicine. However, certain medications can improve your condition and help you to live a better life. Shilajit is one of them. It contains Selenium which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The joints can feel better, and the pain reduces to a much extent if you take Shilajit as a remedy for your arthritis.

Q. From where can I buy Shilajit supplements?

Ans. One can buy Shilajit online as well as offline. However, make sure that the online or offline store is of repute and sells a quality product. There is no recommended standard in any country, and the purity and effectiveness are gauged only with word of mouth. Your doctor can guide you on the best supplements.


Charaka and Sushruta were the pioneers of herbal treatment for ailments. They have written many books and many people in the Indian sub-continent followed this form of therapy. With time, Herbs are spreading their wings to the world and gaining popularity day by day as the treatment have no side effects. One of the best energy boosters as per Herbs is Shilajit.  It can not only enhance energy levels but also cures many ailments and help people to live better life. Treat your diseases without using medicines containing harmful chemicals. Mother Nature has given us Shilajit and other herbs to make our life better naturally, and it is time to consider them for ailments.

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