Rukri Tablets by Al Hind



Rukri Tablets, your ultimate companion in ensuring a healthy and safe pregnancy journey. Designed with utmost care, Rukri Tablets are specifically formulated to help prevent miscarriages and promote optimal health for both the baby and mother.#

The well-being of an expectant mother and her developing child is of paramount importance, and Rukri Tablets are here to provide comprehensive support. With a unique blend of carefully selected nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, these tablets work synergistically to enhance the overall health of the mother, while nurturing the growth and development of the baby.


  • Raktachandan
  • Chandan
  • Neemchhal
  • Mehadi
  • Majith
  • Jethimadth
  • Kalijiri
  • Clonji
  • Peper
  • Navsar
  • Hadmachi
  • Mari


  • 60 Tablets


1–2 tablets to be taken twice daily or as advised by your physician


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