R67 Heart Circulation Drops by Dr Reckeweg



Introducing R67 Drops: Your Ultimate Solution for Circulatory Health

Experience unparalleled relief and support for a wide range of circulatory disturbances with R67 Drops. This groundbreaking product is meticulously formulated to address both acute and chronic circulatory conditions, ensuring your well-being is always prioritized.

R67 Drops provide effective relief from acute circulatory disturbances, such as circulatory shock, which may occur following cardiac failure or as a result of infectious diseases and injuries. By restoring optimal blood flow and circulation, these drops help stabilize the body during critical situations, promoting a speedy recovery.

Additionally, R67 Drops are designed to alleviate chronic circulatory disturbances, which often manifest as recurring symptoms like syncope, vertigo, and a persistent sensation of imbalance. With their unique blend of natural ingredients, these drops work to improve blood circulation, reduce dizziness, and enhance overall balance, thereby enhancing your daily life and minimizing discomfort.


  • Ammonium carbonicum
  • Acidum hydrocyanicum
  • Carbo vegetabilis
  • Crotalus Cascavella
  • Tabacum
  • Veratrum


  • 22ml


10–15 drops in a little water to be taken 3 times daily or as advised by your physician


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