R21 Reconstituant (Chronic Eczema) Drops



R21 Reconstituant Drops is a homeopathic remedy designed to improve the symptoms of chronic eczema and other skin diseases that are not responding to conventional therapy. The drops are formulated to provide constitutional improvement, helping to increase the body’s reactivity and natural healing process.


  • Medorrhinum: Diffuse itching of the skin, worse in the evening. Redness with copper red coloured spots, sometimes turning brown, warts. Results from suppressed Gonnorrhoea.
  • Psorinum: Influences the Iymphatic and glandular system. Vesicles, nodules and pustules. General debility, offensive discharges.
  • Thuja: Painful and over-sensitive skin, worse for touch, with formication, itching and burning. Wet eczema particularly on scalp and face, warts.
  • Vaccininum: Ill-effects from smallpox vaccination, persistent skin eruptions, neuralgias, general dyscrasia


  • 22ml

Directions of use:

10–15 Drops in the morning and evenings with some water

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