Qurs Kushta Marjan Jawahar Wala by Cure



Qurs Kushta Marjan Jawahar Wala, a potent herbal remedy designed to support and strengthen vital organs such as the heart, brain, and liver. This unique formulation harnesses the power of natural ingredients to address weakness, enhance overall well-being, and promote optimal health.

Qurs Kushta Marjan Jawahar Wala works by increasing the body’s natural heat, providing a rejuvenating effect that revitalises and energizes. It aids in combating general debility, a condition often characterized by a lack of strength and stamina. By addressing this weakness, it helps restore vitality and vigor, enabling you to lead a more active and fulfilling life.

Additionally, this remarkable herbal supplement is known for its effectiveness in alleviating palpitations, a rapid or irregular heartbeat often associated with anxiety or stress. Its calming properties help restore a sense of balance and tranquillity, promoting a healthier cardiovascular system.

Moreover, Qurs Kushta Marjan Jawahar Wala is highly beneficial during the convalescence period, aiding in the recovery from illness or injury. It supports the body’s natural healing processes, enhancing recuperation and boosting overall wellness.


  • 20 Tablets


1 tablet to be taken in the morning and evening or as prescribed by your physician

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