Proswin Tablet by New Shama


Description of Proswin Tablet by New Shama:

Proswin Tablet by New Shama helps protect blood clots and speeds up clotting to prevent excessive bleeding. It supports clot stability during recovery from surgery, injury, or bleeding disorders, promoting healing. This product’s effective formula ensures clot protection and overall clotting process support, offering reassurance during recovery. With New Shama’s commitment to quality, Proswin Tablet is a trusted option for managing and supporting clotting, enhancing healing, and reducing bleeding risks.

Indications of Proswin Tablet by New Shama:

  • Helps keep blood clots intact and prevents them from breaking apart.
  • Promotes quicker formation of blood clots to stop bleeding faster.
  • Reduces the risk of severe bleeding problems by supporting effective clotting mechanisms.

Size: 60 Tablets

Dosage: 1–2 tablets twice daily or as advised by your physician.

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