Mani Poshtik Powder by Victor Pharma


Description of Mani Poshtik Powder by Victor Pharma:

The Mani Poshtik Powder by Victor Pharma is a powerful formulation designed to address male infertility and enhance sexual performance. This natural herbal supplement is specifically created to increase the total sperm count and improve its motility, essential factors for successful conception. By promoting healthy sperm production, it significantly enhances the chances of a successful pregnancy.

In addition to its fertility benefits, Mani Poshtik Powder also targets other aspects of male sexual health. This product boosts sexual desire and stimulates sustained penile erection, making it a reliable aid for those experiencing performance issues. It calms the mind, reducing stress and anxiety related to sexual performance, resulting in better sexual experiences overall.

Furthermore, the Mani Poshtik Powder also works in enhancing libido. By increasing sexual drive and overall stamina, revitalizes the enthusiasm and confidence required for a satisfactory sexual life.

Direction of use:

Use 5g twice a day with lukewarm water or Milk or as directed by the physician.

Size: 200g

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