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Description of Khudus Tablets by New Shama:

Khudus Tablets by New Shama – Designed to provide a comprehensive cleansing experience, Khudus Tablets are carefully formulated using a blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically to support your body’s detoxification processes. Whether you’re looking to optimize your overall well-being or seeking relief from specific ailments, Khudus Tablets offer a gentle yet powerful solution.

Detoxifying the brain is essential for maintaining mental clarity and focus. With Khudus Tablets, you can eliminate toxins that accumulate in the brain, helping to enhance cognitive function and promote a sharper mind. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to improved mental acuity.

The stomach and intestines play a vital role in your digestive health. Khudus Tablets target these areas, assisting in the removal of catarrhal secretions that can lead to digestive discomfort, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. By detoxifying these organs, you can restore balance to your gastrointestinal system and experience improved digestion and nutrient absorption.

What sets Khudus Tablets apart is their natural formulation. Each tablet is enriched with potent botanical extracts known for their detoxifying properties. These ingredients work harmoniously to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways, promoting optimal health from within.

Experience the transformative power of Khudus Tablets by New Shama and embark on a path towards a cleaner, healthier you. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to renewed vitality. Try Khudus Tablets today and discover the rejuvenating benefits of a detoxified brain, stomach, and intestines.


Detoxify the brain,stomach and intestines removes catarrhal secretions


1-2 tablets to be taken twice a day or as directed by the physician


60 Tablets