Khamira Marwareed by Jamia Remedies



Khamira Marwareed is a powerful Heart and Brain Tonic, perfect for those seeking to combat general debility while promoting overall wellness. Formulated with natural ingredients, this tonic has been traditionally used to support mental health and aid in recovery from illnesses such as depression, measles, chickenpox, and smallpox. Additionally, it acts as a potent tonic during the crucial convalescence period, helping to restore vitality and strength.


  • Barg badranjubaya
  • Behman Surkh
  • Behmain safaid
  • Tudri Surkh
  • Tudri sufaid
  • tukme badranjabuya
  • Gul gaozuban
  • Arq Gulab
  • Arq bedmushk
  • Mavareed
  • Zafran
  • Ambar


  • 125g


Half teaspoon in the morning and evening

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