Hormone Balance Capsules by Herbal Shifa



The potential benefits of hormone balance capsules include:

  1. Regulation of menstrual cycles: For women, hormone imbalances can lead to irregular menstrual cycles, painful periods, or other menstrual-related issues. Hormone balance capsules may help regulate estrogen and progesterone levels, promoting more regular and symptom-free menstrual cycles.
  2. Management of menopausal symptoms: Menopause is a natural process in a woman’s life when hormone production decreases. This hormonal shift can cause hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone balance capsules may alleviate these symptoms by supporting hormone levels during this transition.
  3. Improved mood and emotional well-being: Hormonal imbalances, especially in neurotransmitters like serotonin, can affect mood and lead to feelings of anxiety, irritability, and depression. By promoting hormone equilibrium, these capsules may help improve emotional well-being and reduce mood-related issues.
  4. Enhanced fertility: Hormone balance is essential for optimal fertility. By supporting the proper functioning of reproductive hormones, these capsules might increase the chances of conception for couples struggling with fertility issues.
  5. Support for adrenal health: The adrenal glands produce hormones like cortisol, which help manage stress responses in the body. Chronic stress can disrupt hormone levels, leading to fatigue, weight gain, and other health problems. Hormone balance capsules may help maintain healthy adrenal function and stress response.
  6. Weight management: Hormone imbalances, particularly in insulin and thyroid hormones, can influence metabolism and contribute to weight gain. Balancing these hormones may aid in weight management efforts.
  7. Skin health: Hormonal imbalances can sometimes lead to skin problems like acne and excessive oil production. By promoting hormone balance, these capsules may help improve skin health.


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  • 100 Capsules


1–2 Capsules to be taken in the morning and evenings or as advised by your physicians

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