Himalaya Tulasi Tablets


Description of Himalaya Tulasi Tablets:

Himalaya Tulasi Tabletsis the product that helps to build a resistance against the diseases like cold and cough, and it also helps to cure the issue like those of a cough, seasonal cold, fever, respiratory issues, stress etc. Himalaya Tulasi Tablets also helps to deal with a headache and pains in other parts of the body. Himalaya Tulasi Tablets is the Ayurveda formula which is made up of the naturally occurring herbs with the rich medicinal values in it, and thus these medicines have no side effects to the body.

Indications of Himalaya Tulasi Tablets:

  • This helps to cure respiratory problems such as infection, asthma, breathlessness etc.
  • This helps to enhance the well-being of the lungs and drives out all the toxic.
  • Helps to deal with a cough and seasonal cold and also helps to get relief from stress, headaches, and pain in other parts of the body.


60 Tablets


1–2 Tablets to be taken in the morning and evening

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