Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets


Description of Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets:

Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets help in reducing the levels of sugar in the blood by secreting insulin. Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets enhances the activities of the enzymes which are responsible for the utilization of glucose. The main objective of these tablets is carbohydrate metabolism. These tablets are made up of 100% natural ingredients which have absolutely no side effects on any parts of your body. It is extremely reliable and is accepted by a lot of people worldwide. It is also called gudmar in Hindi because it removes the extra amount of sugar present in your body.

Each pack contains 60 mashashringi tablets.

Benefits of Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets:

  • It helps to absorb the sugar molecules from the intestine.
  • Helps to gain a healthy body weight.
  • Stops the accumulation of triglycerides in the liver cells and the muscles.
  • Hardens the blood vessels.
  • Is a 100% vegetarian product.
  • Does not contain any artificial colors, sugar, preservatives, and gelatin.
  • Keeps your circulatory system free from any kind of fatty acid accumulation.


Ingredients of Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets:

Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets contain meshashringi leaf extract.

Directions of Using Himalaya Meshashringi Tablets:

Two tablets a day as prescribed by your doctor.

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