Sualin Tablets by Hamdard


Description of Sualin Tablets by Hamdard:

Sualin Tablets by Hamdard are made to help you feel better if you have a cough or sore throat. Hamdard Sualin Tablets work to clear mucus from your lungs, making it easier to breathe. Sualin Tablts also help with nausea and can treat infections in your respiratory system. Whether your cough is dry or you’re bringing up mucus, Sualin Tablets by Hamdard can soothe your throat. Hamdard Sualin Tablets are good for anyone who has throat irritation or needs to clear phlegm. Sualin Tablets helps to fight respiratory problems and keep your throat healthy. With natural ingredients, Hamdard Sualin Tablets provide dependable relief from coughs, sore throats, and their symptoms, helping you feel healthier and breathe more comfortably.

Indications of Sualin Tablets by Hamdard:

  • Provides relief from dry, wet, and persistent coughs.
  • Soothes and reduces discomfort caused by throat irritation.
  • Helps in expelling phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract.
  • Clears lungs of mucus and alleviates throat discomfort.
  • Alleviates feelings of queasiness and sickness.
  • Aids in combating infections affecting the respiratory system.
  • Assists in relieving symptoms of hoarseness or loss of voice.

Size: 60 tablets.

Dosage: Take 1 Hamdard Sualin Tablet, every time you’re suffering from a sore throat or constant coughing or hoarseness.

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