Habbe Ayarij by Hamdard



Habbe Ayarij is a herbal medication that has been used in the Unani system of medicine for centuries. It may be useful in the treatment of chronic headaches, epilepsy, and other diseases of the brain. This is because Habbe Ayarij is believed to cleanse the brain from toxic substances, which can help to improve overall brain function and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with these conditions.


  • Safoof Ayarij Faiqra
  • Tukhm Soya
  • Turbud Safaid
  • Habbul Neel
  • haham Hanzal
  • Ghareequn
  • Namak Sanbhar
  • Arq Badyan
  • Asaroon, Elwa
  • Balchhar
  • Taj, Darchini
  • Pakhan Bed
  • Mastagi, Zafran


  • 60 Tablet

Directions of use:

2–4 Tablets to be taken at night or as prescribed by your physician

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