Dynamol Cream By Hamdard


Description of Dynamol Cream By Hamdard:

Dynamol Cream by Hamdard is specially formulated to help men improve their sexual vigour and strength. Hamdard Dynamol Cream is made with natural ingredients that work to strengthen the tissues of the male organ, helping to combat lethargy, weakness, and debility. Dynamol Cream also helps to maintain erections and can counter the effects of mental stress on sexual performance. By increasing the elasticity of the male organ, Dynamol Cream by Hamdard can enhance overall sexual vitality and stamina. Hamdard Dynamol Cream is also effective in controlling premature ejaculation, allowing men to enjoy longer-lasting and more satisfying intimate moments.

Indications Of Dynamol Cream By Hamdard:

  • Improve sexual vigor and strength
  • Strengthen tissues of the male organ
  • Combat lethargy, weakness, and debility
  • Maintain erections
  • Counter effects of mental stress on sexual performance
  • Increase elasticity of the male organ
  • Enhance overall sexual vitality and stamina
  • Control premature ejaculation

Quantity: 10 gm.

Direction of Use: Massage 750 mg of Hamdard Dynamol Cream once a day on the male organ or as directed by the physician.

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