Danta G Gum Massage Powder



Introducing Danta G: The Ultimate Solution for a Healthy Smile

Say goodbye to stained teeth, blemishes, and spots caused by tobacco or food with the remarkable power of Danta G. This revolutionary dental product is designed to restore your teeth’s natural brilliance and promote overall oral health.

Danta G effectively eliminates stubborn stains, spots, and blemishes that can mar your smile. Whether it’s those persistent tobacco stains or food-related discolouration, Danta G’s advanced formula targets and removes them, revealing a brighter, whiter smile that radiates confidence.

Not only does Danta G work wonders on external dental concerns, but it also tackles internal issues. This powerful formula helps combat bad breath and effectively fights pyorrhoea, a condition characterized by gum inflammation and tooth decay. With Danta G, you can bid farewell to dental discomfort and regain the freedom to enjoy a pain-free, worry-free oral experience.

Experience the transformative effects of Danta G as it rejuvenates your gums and eliminates problems like bleeding, swelling, and discoloration. By strengthening both teeth and gums, this incredible product provides comprehensive oral care and helps you achieve a healthier, more resilient smile.


  • 100g


Massage the powder onto the gums and teeth twice daily or as prescribed by your physician

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