Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil Powder


Description of Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil Powder:

Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil is a medicine that is used as an anti-obesity measure. It ensures the increase of the metabolism of the body. Thereby it successfully treats obesity and then helps to aid further weight management. These days the very cause which is responsible for generating leading diseases is obesity, and this helps people to deal with adamant fats with ease.

Benefits of Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil Powder:

  • Increases the metabolism of the body.
  • Helps to reduce fats and helps to deal with obesity as well.
  • Helps further maintenance of the body and prevents the gain of excessive weight.
  • Helps in balancing the nutrition of the body.

Ingredients of Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil Powder:

This magical treatment medicine has ingredients beneficial for the body such as ZeerSiyah, Sudab, Nankhwah, TukhmBadhiyan, Bura Armani, Lakh Maghsool, and Marzan Josh. These are the things that can effectuate the losing weight process on the body readily thereby helping to lose weight with ease.

Size: 200gm

The direction of Using Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil Powder:

One has to take 5 grams of Cure Sufoof e Muhazzil with 60 ml of ArqZeera, or one can even choose to take this with an equal amount of water in the morning and evening, twice a day.

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