Chat Hazam Powder


Description of Chat Hazam Powder:

Chat Hazam Powder is an herbal formula used to enhance the digestive system of the body. Chat Hazam Powder also helps to cure other issues related to the stomach and other parts of the body. Chat Hazam Powder is also helpful to cure other gastrointestinal issues like those of acid, weak digestion, gastric, stomach aches, and vomiting problems due to constipation.

Benefits of Chat Hazam Powder:

  • Helps to cure all the digestive issues in the body.
  • Helps to cure regular vomiting issues.
  • Helps to solve the problem of gastric and acids from the roots.
  • Helps to aid the stomach’s well-being as well as cures problems like nausea, stomach pain, etc.
  • The weak digestion capability can cause heart diseases, and thus, this herbal medicine also helps to avoid heart diseases.

Ingredients of Chat Hazam Powder:

This is majorly comprised of the extracts of some of the medicinal plants like those of the pudina, ashwagandha, etc.

The direction of Using Chat Hazam Powder:

  • The proper dosages of the medicine can alone give the best results and thus, it is recommended that one must take medicine twice a day.
  • Once in the evening and once in the morning after meals.
  • One teaspoon of the medicine has to be taken in a cup of warm water each time of usage.

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