B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops by Bakson



Introducing B43 Drops – The Solution for Excessive Sweating and Discomfort!

Are you tired of sweating too much and feeling exhausted and uncomfortable? Look no further than B43 Drops, the perfect remedy for excessive sweating associated with menopause, sickness, and fever.

B43 Drops are specially made to help with the unpleasant symptoms of excessive sweating. Whether you have hot, cold, or sticky sweat, these drops can help you feel better and more comfortable.

One great thing about B43 Drops is that they can help reduce the exhaustion caused by sweating too much. They have special ingredients that work together to regulate your body’s sweat production and bring back balance. With B43 Drops, you won’t have to feel drained from excessive sweating anymore.

These drops are really helpful for women going through menopause, as they can make the uncomfortable hormonal changes easier to handle. They also work well during sickness and fever, providing relief from excessive sweat and the tiredness that often comes with these conditions. B43 Drops are easy to use and can bring a soothing and revitalizing effect to your life.


  • Acidum nit.
  • Belladonna
  • Jaborandi
  • Kalium carb.
  • Lachesis
  • Sambucus nig
  • Sanguinaria can
  • Sepia
  • Veratrum alb


  • 30ml


10–15 drops in a little water to be taken 3 times daily or as advised by your physician

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