Asthmasoft Syrup by Jamia


Asthmasoft Syrup is an herbal Unani product that is beneficial for those suffering from breathlessness and chest congestion. The product is known to also aid those suffering from respiratory illnesses. Asthmasoft Syrup is a highly effective herbal remedy for individuals suffering from asthma and related respiratory problems. Asthmasoft Syrup is formulated using a unique blend of natural ingredients which work synergistically to provide relief from cough, wheezing, chest congestion, and breathlessness caused by asthma.

This herbal Asthmasoft Syrup is free from harmful chemicals and steroids and is safe for long-term use. It acts as a bronchodilator, which means it helps to relax the airways in the lungs, making it easier to breathe. Asthmasoft Syrup also helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract, reducing the risk of asthma attacks. Asthmasoft Syrup comes in a convenient bottle that can be easily carried around, making it ideal for individuals who are always on the go. The syrup is easy to use, simply take the prescribed amount before or after meals, or as directed by your physician.

This natural asthma remedy has been clinically tested and is proven to be effective in managing the symptoms of asthma. With Asthmasoft Syrup, you can breathe easily, free from the discomfort and anxiety that comes with asthma attacks. Get your bottle today and experience the benefits of natural healing!

The Direction of Using Asthmasoft Syrup:

Tablespoon in the morning and evening or as directed by a physician

Size: 200ml

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