Amla Hair Oil by Dabur

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Description of Amla Hair Oil by Dabur:

Amla Hair Oil by Dabur is the ultimate solution for lustrous and strong hair. Enriched with the natural goodness of Amla, this hair oil is a perfect blend of tradition and modern science. Experience the numerous benefits it offers, including stronger and healthier hair, thanks to its unique formulation that nourishes and strengthens from root to tip.

Say goodbye to dryness and scalp issues as Amla Hair Oil moisturizes your scalp, promoting a balanced and healthy environment for hair growth. The advanced formula also acts as a shield against hair damage caused by everyday exposure to environmental stressors. Enjoy the added advantage of preventing premature greying, helping you maintain youthful-looking tresses.

With Amla Hair Oil, achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of, as it enhances healthy hair growth and rejuvenates your locks. No matter your hair type, this hair oil is suitable for everyone. Embrace the power of Amla and witness the transformation of your hair into a radiant and vibrant crowning glory.

Benefits of Amla Hair Oil by Dabur:

  • Makes Hair Stronger.
  • Moisturizes your scalp.
  • Prevents any hair damage.
  • Controls pre-mature greying of hair.
  • Gives you glowing & healthy tresses.
  • Enhances healthy hair growth.
  • Suitable For All Hair Types.

The direction of use:

Apply onto the head and massage the oil in, leaving it as long as possible

Size: 180 ml

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