Aller Aid Tablets by Bakson



Aller Aid Tablets are also useful for preventing symptoms of sinusitis. Sinusitis is a condition where the lining of the sinuses becomes inflamed, leading to symptoms such as facial pain, pressure, and congestion. Aller Aid Tablets can help to reduce these symptoms by boosting the body’s natural defenses and reducing inflammation.

The combination of homeopathic remedies in Aller Aid Tablets is also effective in preventing body aches caused by allergies or sinusitis. Body aches can occur when the immune system is fighting off an infection or inflammation, and the remedies in Aller Aid Tablets help to soothe and reduce this discomfort.

Overall, Aller Aid Tablets by Bakson are a useful homeopathic medicine for anyone experiencing symptoms of allergies or sinusitis. The tablets work by rebalancing the immune system, reducing inflammation, and preventing a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, facial pain, pressure, and body aches.


  • Ferrum Phos
  • Natrum Mur
  • Kali Sulph
  • Kali Mur
  • Baptisia Tinc.
  • Bryonia Alba
  • Causticum
  • Eucalyptus Gl
  • Gelsemium Sep
  • Sabadilla
  • Eupatorium Perf


  • 75 tablets


1–4 tablets to be taken


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