Rex Sakrino Tablets


Description of Rex Sakrino Tablets:

Rex Sakrino Tablets is the herbal formula used by diabetic patients so that they can keep their sugar level in control. Rex Sakrino Tablets medicine helps in the normal secretion of the insulin thereby keeping the sugar level in the blood completely normal. This also checks glycosuria and polyuria. This also a destroyer of all the sorts of the urinary disorders. Strengthens the brain and immunizes heart, liver, kidney, and bladder to acquire any sort of malfunctioning.

Benefits of Rex Sakrino Tablets:

  • Helps to strike the right balance in the sugar in the blood.
  • Helps to trigger normal secretion of insulin.
  • Strengthens brain.
  • Helps to enhance the immunity of various body parts like those of heart, liver, kidney, urinary bladder etc.
  • Aids in the regulation of the metabolism of the body.


Ingredients of Rex Sakrino Tablets:

This medicine has the extracts of various medicinal plants like those of the Sugar apple, Davana, Supari, Semul etc.

Direction to Using Rex Sakrino Tablets:

In normal cases, two pills have to be taken. But the dosages entirely depend upon the health condition of the patient as well as the age of the patient. So one must always take the recommendation of the physician.

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