Rex Majoon Salad


Description of Rex Majoon Salad:

Rex Majoon Salab by Herbal Cure is a herbal cure to the lack of stamina in men. It helps with fertility problems in men as well as issues of erectile dysfunction. With this medicine, you will be able to restore the natural health of your body and also aid in the normal functioning of your body.

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Benefits of Rex Majoon Salad:

  • Aids with erectile dysfunction
  • Aids with the loosening of the penile tissue
  • Helps combat spermatorrhea
  • Works as a strengthening agent that helps with physical weakness as well as stamina
  • Works as an aphrodisiac in men
  • Helps in boosting the libido of men.


Ingredients of Rex Majoon Salad:

Its main ingredient is the orchis latifolia root which acts as a strengthening agent. The ingredient infused in this medicine has spermatogenic properties to help deal with problems of defective spermatozoa.

Directions of Using Rex Majoon Salad:

Daily recommended dose is 10 gms, and this dosage, ideally, should not be increased. It is recommended to divide this dose into 5 gms of dosage twice a day.

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