Majun Muqavvi Raham


Description of Majun Muqavvi Raham:

Useful in most of the complications and ailments of the uterus e.g. cervicitis, metritis, salpingitis and ovaritis. Majun Muqavvi Raham has a substantial effect in strengthening the uterus and the surrounding area. Being an uterine tonic it is beneficial in sterility. In addition to above, it is also useful in Leucorrhoea and hysteria. Consumers of this majun, feel improvement in their health and beauty.

Each tub contains 250 grams.

Benefits of Majun Muqavvi Raham:

  • Completely herbal with no side effects
  • Strengthens the uterus
  • Improves overall female health


Dosage of Majun Muqavvi Raham:

5 grams in the morning with milk

Size: 125 grams

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