Description of Sufoof-E-Aijaz:

Safoof e aijaz by hearbalcure is produced with the help of high-quality materials at the most hygienic labs of the country. They are useful for all kinds of medical condition like bowel and stomach problems, as well as diabetes, high blood sugar levels and they have an accurate pH value that is not going to disturb your stomach in any way.

Benefits of Sufoof-E-Aijaz:

  • They are useful in the reduction of constipation
  • Can also treat acidity and digestive issues
  • Dyspepsia and flatulence is also cured by the consumption of sufoof e aijaz


Ingredients of Sufoof-E-Aijaz:

They are composed out of 5 organic ingredients which are completely herbal and are derived from nature itself

Direction Of Using Sufoof-E-Aijaz:

The best way for consumption of sufoof e aijaz by herbalcure is to consume it every night on a regular basis before bedtime. You will need to mix one tablespoon of the item with water and mix it thoroughly. Drink the mixture right before going to sleep, and your bowel will be cleared the next morning. Consume it every day for even better results.

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