Safa-X Tablets


Description of Safa-X Tablets:

Safa-X is a medicine used by men who suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation or the issue of infertility. Safa-X Tablets helps in enhancing the quality of the semen and helps to maintain an erection for a long duration which can help to conceive soon. Most men use Safa-X Tablets as this medicine has no side-effects and shows effect quite soon after the usage.

Benefits of Safa-X Tablets:

  • Helps to increase the mobility of the sperm and this aids to conceive with ease.
  • Helps to increase immunity in the sperms so that it can ensure a long duration of stay in the female body.
  • Helps to increase the duration of mere erection.
  • Helps to treat the premature ejaculatory problems which often makes the duration of the intercourse quite less.
  • Helps to increase the quality of the sperm by increasing the sperm counts in the semen and making the semen quite denser.


Ingredients of Safa-X Tablets:

Safa-X Tablets contains ingredients like Shisham, Brahmi, Chopchini, Chairata, Shankhpushpi, Nymphaea Kamal, Kali Haldi, Khetpapra.

Direction of Using Safa-X Tablets:

One should chew two pills before two hours of having intercourse or before bedtime. Pills can be chewed with water.

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