Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup


Description of Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup:

Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup by Herbal Care helps you to make up for iron deficiency. Iron is an essential constituent of the blood. A lack of iron in the body can present many complications. Hence, this iron tonic helps you make up for any deficiency that you may have.

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Benefits of Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup:

  • Helps increase the count of Red Blood Cells
  • Helps stimulate the stomach as well as the digestive system including the intestines
  • Improves appetite and aids in strengthening of the body
  • It helps in regulating the functions of the liver
  • Helps combat deficiency of iron as well as hemoglobin in the blood
  • Helpful in cases of improving the red blood cells of patients with weak heart.


Ingredients of Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup:

This product contains the active ingredients:

  • Hira Kasees,
  • Qand Safaid

These are combined to give you a tonic that is beneficial to your body especially during anemia, anemia during pregnancy and loss of appetite

Directions of Using Rex Sharbat-E-Faulad Syrup:

To be used with a one day gap in between. For adults, the advised dosage is 10 ml, and for children, it is 5 ml.

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