Qurs Alkali Tablets by Rex


Description of Qurs Alkali Tablets:

Qurs Alkali Tablets by Herbal Cure is the best medicine to get relief from indigestion, acidity, stomach burning sensation and sour. It is one of the Unani medicinal products that can treat a variety of digestive ailments. Unani medicines are very similar to ayurvedic ones. Qurs Alkali is an effective medicine for gastric problems including ulcers healing them naturally.

Qurs Alkali Tablets by Herbal Cure comes in a pack of 100 tablets.

Benefits of Qurs Alkali Tablets:

  • It prevents the excessive gas formation and bloating sensation.
  • It helps to ease constipation and gives relief from pain due to the fullness of the abdomen.
  • It helps to digest the food properly so that the bowels are cleared naturally and also removes the toxins from the body.
  • It prevents diarrhea.


Ingredients of Qurs Alkali Tablets:

Qurs Alkali tablets by Herbal cure is made up of 100% natural ingredients that contain a variety of natural items such as Soda Khurdani, paste of Maranta arundinacea, Shameen, Roghan Pudina, magnesia Fahmi and many more.

Direction for Using Qurs Alkali Tablets:

One should take 2 tablets after every principal meal to get relief from the stomach ailments in quick succession.

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