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Paingo Plus is a painkiller designed to provide effective relief from a wide range of discomforts. Whether you’re battling a stubborn headache, muscle soreness, or any other form of pain, Paingo Plus is here to make your life more comfortable.

The active ingredients work in harmony to target pain at its source, providing rapid relief and reducing inflammation. This potent blend not only alleviates pain but also helps you regain control of your day.


  • Headache: Paingo Plus can provide relief from tension headaches, migraines, and general head discomfort.
  • Muscle Pain: Effective for alleviating muscle aches, strains, and soreness caused by exercise or physical exertion.
  • Joint Pain: Helps reduce discomfort associated with joint pain, including arthritis and minor joint injuries.
  • Back Pain: Effective in providing relief from lower back pain, upper back tension, and spinal discomfort.
  • Dental Pain: Useful for managing dental pain after procedures or due to toothaches.


  • Available upon request


  • 12 Capsules


  • 1 capsule to be taken in the mornings and evenings or as advised by your physician
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