New Shama Abresham Tablets


Description of New Shama Abresham Tablets:

New Shama Abresham Tablets is the herbal formula which is used by the people who are suffering from various health ailments like those of cardiac weakness as well as the palpitation and short breathiness. New Shama Abresham Tablets strengthens the heart muscles to prevent the malfunctioning. It also helps in the proper circulation of the blood so that the oxygenated blood can reach each part of the body.

Benefits of New Shama Abresham Tablets:

  • Prevents the cardiac weakness and strengthens the heart muscles.
  • Helps to prevent various symptoms of the unwell heart like those of the palpitation and short breathiness.
  • Treats all the cardio-vascular issues which can lead to various other complication if not treated on time.
  • Helps to strike a right balance how far the maintenance of the blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol is concerned.
  • Helps to solve the issues like those of anemia.


Ingredients of New Shama Abresham Tablets:

Some of the ingredients of the medicine are Bombyxmori, Centella Asiatica, Cinnamomum Tamala, Elettaria cardamomum Sds, Pearl Microfined.

Direction of Using New Shama Abresham Tablets:

  • This medicine is available in the form of the tablets to the users.
  • This has to be taken in appropriate dosages to get benefitted with the best results.
  • This has to be consumed twice a day, one pill each time after the meals in the morning and the evening.

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