Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani


Description of Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani:

Recommended for women who often have miscarriages, also helps against giving still births and weak offspring.

Ingredients of Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani:

Amber 0.095 gm, Marwarid 0.042 gm, Sandal surkh 0.042 gm, Sandal safaid 0.042 gm…(Complete list can be found on item or provided on request).

Dosage of Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani:

5-7 gm in the morning with 250 ml of Milk. To be taken from the 3rd month of pregnancy to the end of of the 7th month of pregnancy, or advised by the physician.

Size: 125 grams

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